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He also probs is the reason Justin and Britney broke up. Why he's significant: Apparently they were working on new music for Britney's album and it turned into something more. Who is he: He was a backup dancer for Britney and choreographed one of her tours. Why he's significant: He's significant because he was an early warning sign that Britney had a fetish for backup dancers. When they dated: They got married in Vegas for 55 hours. Why he's significant: He provided the literal seed for Britney's two biggest joys, her children. Why he's significant: Because isn't this random?!?! Who is he: A magician with really aggressive style. Jones was back then her high school sweetheart and they lasted for only two years.I’m sure by after her first break up, she had no idea she had signed up for one hell of a journey.Jason stood by her side, and he gets along great with her children and has also faced a lot of the same media scrutiny that she has.” Shar and Jason even went on a family date over the weekend, bringing her two children from Kevin Federline, Kori, 10, and Caleb, 8, to the Queen Mary’s Winter CHILL exhibit on Friday night.“They were cuddling and holding hands all night,” the source says about the new couple’s night out on the town.This was when the Britney was the most famous for being in a relationship.

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- She had a short-lived romance with Tom Brady in 2002. - At the end of her marriage to K-Fed, she dated music producer J. We're just hoping she can settle down with a good man who treats her and her sons RIGHT!

Britney Spears is a pop icon even though she tried her hands on acting when she was a child.

In 1997, she signed her first deal with Jive Record and since then has become an international success. Way back late 1990s when pop music was not very popular among teenagers, Britney came on scene and caused a drastic revival which led to her becoming the Princess of Pop.

Britney Spears has been on and off the market since she's popped onto the music scene back in the late '90s!

And, now that she has moved on to a new love, car-restorer David Lucado, we've decided to take a look back at Brit Brit's tumultuous love life over the past eighteen — yes, EIGHTEEN years!

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