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He appeared to be sitting in bed with all the lights off in the background except for one lamp to the right. ” I smiled widely, insides brimming with happiness. Water began to collect at the barrier of my eyes, threatening to flow over board. "No baby, shhhh, don’t cry," He hushed, trying to comfort me from millions of miles away.

"I missed you too, you look beautiful babe," he said, causing heat to flow to my cheeks. "Good I guess, everything’s been pretty normal," I said, looking down at my hands. It feels as if half of me has been ripped away and now won’t function without him here. This provoked the tears to crash down the barrier and stream down my face like a waterfall.

He laughed loudly, obviously content with the effect he has on me. It sounds gravely and deep and heats my insides until I’m cooked medium rare. I grabbed the huge white stuffed teddy bear Harry won for me at a town fair and silently cried into its soft white fur.

My whole body shook with each sob, as Harry tried to cheer me up.

"Come on" I put the teddy bear to the side, revealing my pale, tear stained face.

You're scrolling through Facebook like any other day when a friend request pops up from a pretty girl. You send one back, just to be polite, or maybe because she asked nicely. Law enforcement officials have dubbed the scam "sextortion," and it happens all over the world.

Maybe you move the conversation onto Skype for a live show. But American military personnel are particularly vulnerable, authorities say, because they have a steady income and their conduct is closely regulated. officials fear that foreign enemies could exploit the same tricks to obtain sensitive information and compromise national security.

A spokesperson for the FBI acknowledged receiving several questions from Military Times but did not provide a response to any of them.

Military law enforcement officials say they've received several hundred sextortion reports since the scam first surfaced in 2012 and that, despite ongoing efforts to warn and educate personnel, the numbers continue to rise. "Part of that, too, is that we have gotten the word out in so many different ways and encouraged reporting," said NCIS Division Chief Megan Bolduc.

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