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May’s regime change has been riveting, yet a core mystery remains: who precisely is in charge?We endured endless TV debates before last year’s election, but the person currently running the country was not on the podium.

But is he not making a massive one with his bushy facial growth? Finding no reversible error, we affirm the judgments of conviction. OPINIONA jury found appellant Celeste Beard Johnson guilty of capital murder and injury to an elderly individual. She also asserts that the trial court erred by: (1) overruling her motions to quash the original indictment, permitting the State to amend the indictment, and refusing to quash the amended indictment; (2) admitting irrelevant evidence; (3) threatening a defense witness and refusing to admit a prior consistent statement by this witness; (4) limiting her right to confront the witnesses against her; (5) admitting in evidence a deposition given by appellant in a civil case; and (6) admitting summaries of telephone records prepared by the State.The member for Preseli Pembrokeshire has never spoken publicly about the charity, and does not refer to it anywhere on his website.Crabb, 41, has, however, voted against equal marriage and aligned himself with the charity’s intended aim of tightening the laws on abortion.

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