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Can this work using Payload Validating Interceptor or what is the alternative way ... Payload Validating Interceptor Undeclared Prefix error Hello, I have been using Payload Validating Interceptor to validate received SOAP messages successfully.Payload Validating Interceptor Performance Issue Hello, We had a performance issue when deploy our web service to Weblogic server. However, when trying to validate a new type of request I get the following validation error: ...for authorization checks, or message header checks.Its main purpose is to allow for factoring out repetitive endpoint code.

There is therefore no easy fix and a proper solution will require changes to the API.gets called before the appropriate Endpoint Adapter triggers the invocation of the endpoint itself.This mechanism can be used for a large field of preprocessing aspects, e.g.Hi, I'm using the Payload Validating Interceptor to validate my SOAP messages, however, the following error appears in the log file: Code: XML validation error on response: cvc-complex-type.2.4.a: Invalid content was found starting ...I have been using a convention for fault codes like this: "SOAP-ENV: Client.validation Error" Is it possible to make my Payload Validating Interceptor default to using this syntax instead of "SOAP-ENV: Client" ?

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