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Plus, we restored the Dropbox to i Cloud migration feature.

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i Bird Pro, the world's best Android field guide to birds of North America, turns anyone into a birding expert.The i Phone and Android versions are essentially identical to each other in content and functionality, with only very minor differences.The biggest differences will be seen in the lower resolution screens of some devices running Android OS, but when comparing the app on devices with similar screens users should see virtually no difference between them other than a few inherent differences in user interface.First sketch contains pigeons, doves, parrots, coucals, cuckoos, hornbills, crows, kingfishers, barbets, woodpackers, bulbuls, babblers, flycatchers etc. Third sketch contains cormorants, herons, egrets, bitterns, quails etc.Colour the bird sketch as you see and find the details of that bird. The app is also capable for ranking the possibility of correct matching. This application is recommended for anyone who interested in Sri Lankan birds.

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