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But unlike our previous hidden camera operations, where after leaving the house some men were able to make a run for it, this time things will be different. It was almost two years ago when Dateline conducted its first investigation into online predators. In two different investigations, in two different states, dozens of men showed up at our undercover houses after chatting about sex online and then making a date with a minor.

One man who sent obscene video of himself to someone posing as a 13-year-old was a New York City firefighter whom we then confronted. He was not happy when he found out he would be exposed on national television.

He thinks he’s here to meet a 13-year-old boy named Dave, but we really send him a decoy photo.

During his chat, he makes plans to give the boy oral sex.

(EMI Group Plc.) After that date Universal Music Group now owns large parts of the former EMI Group, with the former EMI Records Ltd.

They were called Minitel rose – French for “Pink Minitel”.

EMI was a major label and had a lot of sub and sister labels which also carry the EMI logo and manage its huge amount of releases all over the world. The EMI country codes (introduced on 1 June, 1969): In most cases the EMI Codes are the first two letters of the record's catalog#.

These EMI Country Codes were used to indicate the country in which the record was pressed.

National best selling author Michael French is a graduate of Stanford University and Northwestern University.

He is a businessman and author who divides his time between Santa Barbara, California, and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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