Dating site password cracker

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But this works best on public computers because multiple people log on to them, which means a better chance at unintentionally stored passwords.

It helps to know a little bit about Java Script before attempting this password hack.

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The 2015 data breach cost Ruby Corp, formerly known as Avid Life, over a quarter of its revenue and forced the Toronto-based company to spend millions of dollars to boost security and user privacy.

In what must rate as one of the worst password security breaches ever, it has been discovered that the names, addresses, dates of birth and unencrypted passwords of over 40 million online daters have been stolen by hackers.

Yes, that's right, the passwords were not protected at all.

This includes: Now, according to Reuters, the company has to pay .2 million to users who were affected by the breach – users with valid claims can get up to ,500 depending on their losses attributable to the breach.

Do you know how many kinds of sensors your smartphone has inbuilt?

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