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David Overton, vice president of Glory Reborn, and Hilary Overton, president/ founder of Glory Reborn, a nonprofit maternity care clinic, for eight years Tell us how you met. We didn’t meet again until we were 18 years old, when we met at a concert and became friends. D: Hilary has medical school exams the day after Valentine’s, so we stayed home this year where I cooked a romantic dinner of some of her favorite cuisine. H: Glory Reborn, where the fruit of romance is being born daily! D and H: Cebu’s most romantic spot is the beach—our favorite is Moalboal, where a little resort sets up romantic candlelight dinners on the beach.What is the best surprise you’ve received from each other?And in a more literal sense, if you’re Cebuano, though life may not always be a beach, at the very least, much of it will be spent on one.Case in point, when we asked some of our favorite young couples to describe their ideal Valentine’s Day scenario, almost everyone deemed a trip to Cebu’s gorgeous beaches a requisite component to a perfectly romantic day.We would go to Shangri-La Mactan for a day of swim and sand, then cap it off with dinner at Tavolata restaurant, where we always get good food and good service. There would be fireworks, dancers, jugglers, fire breathers, you name it. That said, we’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day in the past with dive trips (we’re certified PADI divers) or just having a candlelit dinner at home.

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Our sandy shores are a mere 30-minute ride away (and come to think of it, so are our mountains), so you think we’d be sick of them by now, but then again, there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing.

Rodrick and Gretchen Uy Entrepreneurs Married for six years Our ideal Valentine’s date would consist of spending the whole day together, just the two of us, and acting like newlyweds. Jeremy and Dianne Huang Entrepreneurs Married for one year and three months Jeremy: For all the hype about Valentine’s Day, the truth is we prefer to avoid the traffic and rush that the occasion causes.

I can’t just go off into this and think I am going to be a movie star.”She was wrong.

Grier became not only a movie star but a breakthrough performer, both as a female action star and as an African American actress.

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