Christmas gift guy just started dating

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Duncan decides the best medicine Suzy could possibly have - and a Christmas present she'll never forget -- is a ride on a real Ferris wheel, set up in their own back yard. Because it was while riding one many moons ago that Duncan asked Suzy to marry him. Duncan strikes gold in an abandoned amusement park, presided over by a lonely ex-carnival worker -- Henry.

Assembling the mechanical monstrosity is not exactly a one-man job.

He talked about how grateful he was for our marriage and how excited he was to become a dad in the new year.

As I continued reading, I started thinking of the first Christmas family and that little baby in the manger.

At this point, he’s afraid that everything he said in the beginning has led you to believe that you guys are a couple and he starts acting in a way that shows you this is not the case.

He cancels plans, he goes MIA for days at a time, he acts distant.

He invited me to an event he was throwing and after that we started talking almost everyday.

Here’s the tricky part: Now he doesn’t call me as much and when we text he sometimes leaves me hanging mid-conversation.

But as I sat down to read my husband’s letter, my entire mood shifted.

We had some turmoil in between and I thought I wouldn’t hear from him again.

Then he initiated contact saying that he’s happy we are still friends and we kind of talked on and off for another week or so.

It’s just easy to forget the real reason for the season.

This time of year I try to remember our Christmas together after we got married. No stockings, gingerbread houses, or Christmas cards. We tried to get into the Christmas spirit by cutting out paper snowflakes and downloading Christmas songs from i Tunes.

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