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Auto LISP is a dialect of the LISP programming language engineered to enable manipulation & customisation of Auto CAD and many of its derivative programs such as Civil 3D, MEP, Architecture, Electrical etc.

Auto LISP is restricted to running on full versions of Auto CAD and cannot be run in any version of Auto CAD LT.

Under the icon next to any roadmap category, any number is displayed shows how many times your search term appears in the articles in that category.

The number at the right of the search box shows how many times your search term appears across all categories.

Whether you are a complete beginner or perhaps more experienced, I have no doubt that you can benefit from the help & resources available here.

You must not alter the name or parameter list of an event procedure. The events are "hard coded" into the object, such as a Worksheet, and may not be changed.

The VBA Editor will automatically insert the correct procedure declaration. (You can, however, create custom events for your own classes. There are many events that are defined in a Worksheet object, the Workbook object, and the Excel Application object itself.

Introduction Event programming is a very powerful tool that you can use within your VBA code to monitor user actions, take appropriate action when a user does something, or monitor the state of the application as it changes.

If you are programming with your own custom classes, you can extend the functionality of these classes by defining and raising your own custom events, broadcasting the event message to any object that is listening for events from your class.

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