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Perfect for students and adults alike, the public are welcome from 9am and excavations will occur on an hourly roster.

Public are invited to meet at the Brisbane City Council stand at Canon Garland Place in the Cemetery.

It is possible that this is why it became the site of an early Neolithic monument complex.

The earliest cremation, a pile of burned bones and teeth, came from one of 56 pits called the Aubrey Holes (map of the layout of Stonehenge, including Aubrey Holes).

Mizoram’s first ‘monument’- The menhirs of Vangchhia village, Champai district of Mizoram to be protected by ASI.

The University of Queensland in conjunction with Brisbane City Council and the Friends of Toowong Cemetery will again be undertaking its famous archaeological excavations aimed at unearthing headstones dating from 18 at Toowong Cemetery.

The headstones were buried at the Cemetery in the 1930s and the UQ dig (a National Archaeology Week favourite) will again seek to uncover the mystery and stories behind the tombstones and the people they belonged to.

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